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Our Philipsburg, MT Trip - October 2013

We have been staying at The Inn of Philipsburg and drive up the mountain road every day. The views up this road are fantastic, so many old structures and the aspens with their gold leaves offers plenty of interesting scenery. We stopped to take a couple pictures this morning on our way up as we did not leave the motel until 8:00 AM or so.

Beautiful drive

We spent the entire morning setting the tile on the sink backsplash. This was was a bit of a challenge as the builder used 3/8" plywood on the wall, which we replaced with 1/2" sheetrock above the first four feet. We applied some thin plywood to make up the difference in thickness but still had to do some adjustments with the thinset mortar to keep the face flat. Of course there was a lot of spacers and shims used to hold the tile in line until the thinset cured.

Backspalsh installed

The rest of the day was taken up with trim work. The top of all the cabinets got trim Dan made in the shop. We also installed base shoe under the toe kick and a bit of baseboard that we had reserved from our first trip out.

Trim on top of cabinets

The project of the day was the peninsula installation. There is a bit of a story about this project. The solid walnut came from a neighbor that cuts and dries hardwoods and he was able to get us three pieces of walnut, one of which had a live edge. This means the shape of the edge was as it was from the tree, less the bark. Two of the pieces produced a book match grain and the kitchen side of the top was cut straight. The leg was a dead hybird poplar tree in our yard at home. Dan cut the tree down and retrieved a 40" section of the tree that was about 30' off the ground. It has plenty of character and was fairly dry when we cut it. It will in time split a bit, but should be stable.

Walnut peninsula

Gary returns to work in Missoula tomorrow so we will be here for a couple days with finishing touches to the project.

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