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Our Philipsburg, MT Trip - October 2013

Our fourth project day began with an early breakfast and the arrival of the tree service Gary had contracted to remove the two dead Lodgepole Pine trees in his front yard. These trees have been dead long enough to loose a lot of bark and were a definate threat in a windstorm to the house. So he found a couple local guys that took them down and cut them up into wood stove size pieces.

Dead trees

These two guys were all business in getting the trees down. We moved our vehicles out of the yard and he said he'd have "them down in a few", and he meant it. They cut the tree closest to the drive and pushed it over into the drive area.

The first tree falls

The second tree went down a few minutes later leaving a big hole in the sky where they had stood. Gary plans on a raised bed garden in this location as it is the sunniest spot in his yard.

Shoving the second tree down

We did not spend much time watching them work, but went right to work on laying ceramic tile in the entry area. We had to move the washer/dryer out of its spot, lay tile and let it set up, then grout it and let that set, then move the appliance back into place and finish laying the floor. The tile area is about 6' 6" by 12' long and we had to figure out how to finish laying it in front of the only door in and out of the place.

Laying the ceramic tile

We grouted the washer/dryer area as well as the range wall back splash. We selected a charcoal grey color and there was lots of sponging to remove the grout haze.

Sandy washing the haze

Tomorrow we will finish the sink wall backsplash and start with some trim work.

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