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Our Philipsburg, MT Trip - October 2013

Our second day of travel started at 6:30 AM and was again in the dark. As we left Buffalo the sky was clear and the nearly full moon lit the surrounding area very well. Unfortunately within a half hour the sky clouded up and it rained off and on most of the morning. We did run into several flashing yellow lights with signs warning of ice on bridges but did not find any on them. We were careful to slow down as we did not need issues with sliding across a mountain bridge with a large trailer pushing us along.

Crazy Mountains

We followed the Big Horn mountains for quite a distance and then it leveled off a bit before follwoing the Bear Tooth mountain range. Then through the rain and fog we got a peek at what was called the Crazy Mountains. As you can see there is plenty of snow on them and the heavy clouds were more than likely dumping more on them. Later in the morning it began to clear and everything dried up for the rest of our drive.

Truck and trailer at Gary's cabin

We arrived in Philipsburg later in the afternoon and after checking into our motel took the trailer up the curvy steep mountain road. Our concern over this last leg of the trip was unwarranted, the truck and trailer did just fine and we pulled it up in front of Gary's cabin. We will have him use his truck to reposition it when he returns from Missoula as his truck has a much tighter turning radius than our Chevy Colorado. We blocked the wheels and pulled it off the truck, relieved that this part of the trip is completed.

Trip down off the mountain

With the number of snowfalls Gary has had we were surpised not to see any snow around his place. We did see a couple small piles of snow down the road and stopped to take a picture of the Aspens that are nearly done showing off their fall colors. Tomorrow we begin installing the kitchen and will have further updates.

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