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Our Philipsburg, MT Trip - October 2013

We have been watching the weather forecast for several days and although the forecast was for much worse weather we are still being cautious about our departure on Tuesday morning. As we came down off the mountain yesterday afternoon we stopped for a picture above Philipsburg. The weather looked pretty threatening with the clouds hanging over the Pintler mountain range to the west of town.

Pending storm system

The wind had come up late in the afternoon, hardly noticable at Gary's cabin but pretty strong in Philipsburg. This morning we saw a bit of snow covering everything with the wind whipping it about. It was in the mid-20's and some snow still coming down. Following breakfast we stopped downtown for a bit more shopping and then headed up the mountain road to Gary's cabin.

Downtown in the snow

This is our first experience driving on this road in snow so to say we took it slow is an under statement. The familiar landmarks are now blanketed in a thin coat of snow, which adds a new dimension in the way they appear.

Tower Road

And in about another quarter mile we found that our truck with very little weight in it and regular tires was not going to make the last couple hundred feet to Gary's drive. So we parked the truck in an unused access road and walked up to Gary's place. Whew, that is a climb even though it does not seem that steep. We are just hanging out today resting up for our drive home.

Ghost Structure

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