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Our Philipsburg, MT Trip - October 2013

Our first project day began with positioning the trailer in front of the car port. Gary's truck has a shorter turning radius and we had it turned around 180 degrees and backed up in short order. The project began with the range wall. We wanted to get as much done on that wall so that the kitchen could be used during our stay so the first cabinet to be hung was the unit over the range. Other work on the upper included getting the range hood ducted outdoors and hooked up for use.

Range Wall Cabinets

The next step was to set the cabinet on the right side of the range and fit the counter top to the east wall. We then moved the range back into place and set the cabinet to the left of the range. Placement of this cabinet was determined by how tight a fit we wanted against the range.

Lower cabinets

With the cabinets set we applied the counbtertop laminate. It is called "oiled soapstone" and really goes well with the black appliances. Then we moved onto the backsplash tile, which is a 12" tile that goes very well with the other colors Gary has selected. We need to apply the grout to finish this area but will hold off until we begin grout on the other tile areas.

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