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Our Philipsburg, MT Trip - October 2013

The third day of our project began with the installation of the final cabinet, which was a large storage cabinet over the top of the dryer. This cabinet is 42" high and nearly 29" wide so there is lot of space for bulky storage items. We stopped working on the kitchen for a bit and started loading the trailer with things that will ride back to Iowa with us. The garage door that we removed was the first to go in, we will try to sell it to save Gary trying to attract a buyer to drive up the mountain to look at it.

Dryer Cabinet

Dan set up an assembly area outdoors for installing hinges on the cabinet doors. The weather was a bit chilly this time of the morning, about 32, but the full sun made it comfortable working, and NO WIND. What a treat it is to work outdoors without being blown away by the wind like we have back in Iowa.

Dan installing hinges on cabinet doors

In between helping Dan with the cabinet doors Gary finished installing the shelves in the cabinets and began unpacking his Kitchen boxes. Before the middle of the afternoon he had found a spot for everything and had a few shelves with empty spots.

Gary loading his cabinets

The rest of the afternoon was taken up with completing all the doors. Sandy installed the pulls as fast as Dan could hang the doors.

Range wall cabinets

It is so nice to have the project this far along after three days. We have had a great time working together and the food has been fantastic. Gary cooked again this evening after we hauled the trailer down off the mountain. We took it to the motel in a parking area and locked it up tight awaiting more things to be loaded as we finish with the tools and supplies.

Refrigerator wall cabinets

Tomorrow will see more backsplash tile work and perhaps a bit of watching someone else work. Gary got a call from his tree guy that promised to be here in the morning to remove two dead trees that are in the middle of the front yard. These are pretty substantial trees and should be interesting to see them come down.

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