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Our trip to Sunset, Utah - 2011

We were so excited to travel to Sunset to see Gary and we very reluctantly left him behind this morning. Sandy took this picture the other day and we will remember our trip and the sights we saw and this picture really does represent Gary's love of nature and fishing. He was a great host, cooked some great meals, and our only regret, besides leaving him behind, was that Brian was unable to make the trip. We will look forward to seeing Brian another time.

Gary looking for fishing opportunities

Our trip home started at about 7:00 AM mountain time and we travelled all day (9-hours driving time) so there was not a lot of picture taking. Sandy did snap this picture through the car window and it does help represent some of the scenery that we enjoyed on a very sunny day of driving. It dropped from about 38 degrees at the motel to as low as 16-degress, then by later in the day it was 77-degrees.

Rock formations along I-80

Elk Mountain in Wyoming deserves mention on this trip. It is such a prominent landmark along the way and the snow of last week provided a different look than we have seen before. This picture was taken from the Wagonhound Rest Stop. Tomorrow we will drive from North Platte, Nebraska to Omaha for an overnight stay. We have a couple sights we plan on seeing and then a visit with Sandy's cousin Deb.

Elk Mountain in Wyoming

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