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Our trip to Sunset, Utah - 2011

We do not have any exciting adventures to report today. But we had a great day watching football, good conversation and food!! Gary suggested that we "graze" on leftovers and junk food as we watched some football, and that turned out to be several steps above what he led us to expect. We started the day by driving to a DIY center to buy some screws so I could fix Gary's kitchen drawer. On the way back we stopped at the Goode Ski Lake and took pictures of the calm water reflecting the beautiful fall colors and the mountain behind the lake.

Goode Ski Lake

Our lunch did include snack foods but the center piece was a steak fajhita that would rival any produced in a resturant, what a treat!

Sandy & Gary

Gary has to return to work Monday morning (4:00 AM or so) and with that thought we made it an early departure from his place. We cleaned and packed the car and will roll out of here early Monday morning and will head east with the hope that the rain and snow forecast for Tuesday out here does not chase us across Nebraska!.

Dan & Gary

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