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Our trip to Sunset, Utah - 2010

With all the travel behind us it was time to get down to visiting and doing a little sight seeing around the Sunset area. We had visited Antelope Island a several years ago when we visited Gary but since Brian had not been there decided to start the day with a trip to the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island. The picture below was taken at the visitors center overlooking the lake and causeway.

Gary, Sandy, and Brian on Antelope Island

The causeway is a 7.2 mile 2-lane road that took us from the shore to the island. There were areas of dry salt beds as well as some standing water. The water level in the lake seemed a bit lower than on our last visit but a couple inches drop is all it takes to lose the standing water areas. The mountain range on the horizon is the Wasatch Range.

Antelope Island Causeway

Our drive around the island provided us an opportunity to see some of the Bison that make their home on this island. There were quite a way aways but this one was lying closer to the road.

Bison along the beach

The bison below is the same one in the picture above, just zoomed in a little closer.

Close-up of Bison

We also too some time to tour the Fielding Garr Ranch on the island. A sign and tour information let us know that this ranch was first settled in 1848 and was in operation for nearly 133 years. The ranch has a variety of historic structures as well as a lot of old equipment that has been used during its history. This old flat bed truck caught our eye as well as a number of old tractors and other farm implements.

Old truck on Fielding Garr Ranch

After leaving the ranch we also saw some prong horn antilope and captured a photograph of one that was quite away from the road. There were several crossing the road ahead of us but none would cooperate by getting withing easy camera range. So this picture was taken with a telephoto lens supported on top of the car in hopes of getting a clear picture of him.

Prong Horn Antilope on Antelope Island

We concluded the day at Gary's home with a cold beer and later a fried chicken dinner prepared by Brian. It was a great end to a long day.

Gary and Brian relaxing

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