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Our trip to Sunset, Utah - 2011

On our first full day in Sunnsett we decided to take a scenic drive around a couple of the reservoirs and enjoy the remaining fall color. The aspens have dropped their leaves but there is plenty of dark orange and bright yellow leaves to offer a contrast to the dark color of the mountains. We left Sunset and drove to the Pineview Reservoir where we stopped for a few pictures and were greeted with 38 degree temperatures. The air was crisp and the colors along the opposite shoreline were like a distant rainbow.

Pineview Reservoir

We stopped for a brief picnic lunch at the Card Picnic area near Pine Bluffs. Along this drive we had the river on one side or the other of the road and this stop let us walk down to the narrow swift moving water. As you can see in the picture below the yellow leaves falling from the River Willow blanketed the ground like a golden carpet and provided a beautiful contrast to the dark rocks. The water was crystal clear and provided a nice relaxing sound as we ate lunch.

Lunch near Pine Bluff

Following this we drove around Bear Lake reservoir, which by the time we finished the scenic drive left us in Wyoming. We circled back to I-80 and returned to Sunset for another great meal at Gary's place.

Still plenty of fall color

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