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Fort Collins, CO Elk Horn, IA

Another travel day and a stop in Omaha

Today was a long day of travel across Nebraska, and we must confess to not taking any pictures of the scenery as it passed our window. As anyone who has traveled across I-80 in Nebraska knows, there is little scenery that will cause much excitement. So we pushed hard across the state and stopped in Omaha to visit Sandy's cousin Deb and her husband Nate. They recently moved to Omaha and purchased a 1930's home. We had a nice visit before getting back on the road

A stop in Omaha

Our final day on the road was the shortest drive we had, but the nights sleep and a short drive made a good end to the trip. Elk Horn is known for its Danish heritage. This Dutch windmill sets very close to out motel but was not open for visitors until later in the morning. So we snapped a couple pictures and headed home.

Dutch Windmill

The sun made it difficult to get a picture of the mill and it was not operating. We suspected that the mill does not operate without someone there to monitor it. This 60 foot tall windmill was originally constructed in Denmark in 1848. The community raised money to have it dismantled and reconstructed in Elk Horn in 1976.

Dutch Windmill

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