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Reno, NV to San Francisco, CA

Day 4 Travel Route

We arrived in San Francisco at about noon on Sunday. We left Sparks by about 7:30 AM and our first stop was at Donner Pass at 7,239 feet above sea level. It was a very long climb up a very scenic road. When we stopped we were greeted with a stunning view of a small lake beside the rest stop road.

Lake at Donner Pass

We had an easy time at finding Brian's place and after checking out the condo we decided on a run around the local neighborhood. Brian agreed to drive, making it much easier on Dan's nerves......

Brian's place

It was interesting to drive about and marvel at the homes and business locations as they clung to the sides of the hills.

Homes on a San Francisco street

The fog had rolled in while at Brian's place, but we still had enough visibility to see plenty of sights.

So many homes, so many hills to climb

Our trip through the streets was a bit hurried as we headed for a Pacific Ocean beach to take a few pictures.

Lake at Donner Pass

Although it was overcast and windy we enjoyed our first unobstructed view of the ocean at Gray Whale Cove.

Gray Whale Cove

We were very much impressed with the cliffs and rock outcroppings along the coast, and of course saw some surf boarders braving the cold waters.

Sandy and Dan at Gray Whale Cove

Of course no trip would be complete without pictures of the family. Below Brian, Sandy, and Gary pose for pictures.

Left to right, Brian, Sandy, & Gary

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