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Touring San Francisco

Touring San Francisco

We plan to break up our San Francisco tour pictures into several pages because we have too many pictures for a single page. We will link all the pages as we go.

Page 2 Monday Tour Pictures

A good breakfast to start the day

Our first full day of touring San Francisco began with a hearty breakfast prepared by Gary (bacon and scrambled eggs) and Brian (telephone, coffee, and Mimosa's).

San Francisco from Twin Peaks

Our tour began with a twisting and winding ride up a road to Twin Peaks where we got a magnificent view of San Francisco layed out below us. We marveled at the fact that the central street in this picture is Market Street, the same street that out hotel is located on.

Family photo opportunity

We all had cameras so there were a lot of pictures being taken of city and each other.

Golden Gate from Presidio

When we left twin peaks we wound our way around the city and entered the Presidio area. From this high vantage point we had a very nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the south west side.

Baker Beach a Bay beach

As we continued though the Presidio we stopped at Baker Beach to see the sand, surf, bridge, and yes Dan was looking for rocks!

Crossing the Golden Gate

As we crossed the Golden Gate Brian opened the sun roof and I was able to stick the camera out of the roof and snap this picture.

Gary near a tour bus

I tried to catch both Gary and Brian enjoying the sights, but some modeling did occur as they noticed me with the camera. Gary posed on a tour bus and Brian was coming down a set of stairs when I snapped his picture at Battery Spencer.

Brian at Battery Spencer

From what is known as Battery Spencer we had another outstanding view of the Golden Gate and the boat traffic as it moved from side to side.

Empty container ship headed out

Battery Spencer is a former gun emplacement used to defend the bay and its entrance. This heavily fortified area that was used between 1840 and 1940. Now it is a vantage point with the old concrete structures stripped of armaments.

Container ship fully loaded and moving from the ocean to the bay

We spent a lot of time at this vantage point watching boats and enjoying the light breeze and beautiful sunny day.

Page 2 Monday Tour Pictures

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