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Our trip to Sunset, Utah - 2010

Sunday was our final day together so we wanted to find something to do so we could see some fall color that has started to show here in Utah. since Gary has a lot of experience fishing this area we decided to buy some one-day licenses and give it a try. Gary decided upon Mantua Reservoir as there is plenty of accessable shoreline and all of it within easy walking distance from the parking areas. Mantua Reservior is in Box Elder County in the Sardine Canyon east of the Wellsville Mountains and of course near the small town of Mantua. Our first fishing place was right off the main parking lot and we were unable to get a nibble and were fighting the heavy weed bank right off shore.

Dan, Gary, and Brian fishing at Mantua.

The reservior is relatively small but is simply beautiful with the mountains in the background. This is a view from the top of the dike that forms part of the reservior.

Fantastic scenery at Mantua

The fishing began with rigging up the rods and trying to find something to take the bait. Here Brian and Gary and getting the tackle ready..

Gary and Brian rigging the lines

Since our first spot didn't work out we drove around to the opposite side. The road turns to gravel and offers a great view of the mountains and reservior. We found a nice shady spot with a great view and crystal clear water and no weed bank. The fall color was very vivid from this angle.

Fall color and beautiful water!

We got an upclose look at some water fowl on this side and with a nice breeze were very comfortable waiting for a bite.

Unidentified water fowl

Brian broke the ice by catching this "HUGE" blue gill, which of course was released immediately. He then proceeded to skunk Gary and Dan by catching two small bass and released them as well. And as Brian said, "Not bad for a city kid!"

Brian's big catch

We had lunch on the dike and of course lots of discussion of past fishing trips that provided much better success. But fishing is about more than catching fish, it is good company and good conversation. Sorry Gary, we know it really is about catching fish but wanted to be politically correct, grin.....

Lunch on the dike.

With poor luck at catching fish we decided to pack it in and head back to Gary's place. This really was a great day, perfect weather, lots of sunshine and fresh air, and of course GREAT company!! The scenery was stunning and it was not more than an hour from Gary's place.

Scenery near Mantua Reservior.

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