Family History Stories

Welcome to our Family History Story Page. A genealogy, by definition is a listing of generations, or a record of ancestors and descendents. But it is our opinion that a family history is more than a list of names, dates, and places. A good family history should include the stories that we tell each other about our families. These stories need not be long essays or works of literary art. We have been fortunate to receive submissions from those visiting this site and will use this page to publish their work. We will gladly accept all submissions and will work with the original author if we feel editing is needed for length, spelling, and grammar.

You may submit work by e-mail, regular mail, or fax. If you choose to use regular mail or fax please contact us by e-mail for the appropriate information needed to get the work to us. We regularly transcribe work so if you prefer sending photocopies do not be concerned about burdening us with extra work.

Please be aware that we as publishers of the information on this site are very much aware of the copyright laws and do our very best to credit those responsible for the work presented here and seek permission prior to publishing transcriptions and reproductions of the original work. In many cases the transcriptions of published work is considered in the public domain since the publications are no longer in business and/or we are unable to locate the author or his/her family to seek permission to publish. If you are the author or owner of any work published here and feel it is inappropriate for us to present it on this site please send us e-mail and we will remove it immediately.

Family History Stories

Harold E. 'Doc' Miner Caroline M. Breyfogle Merle E. Breyfogle
Charles Coe Breyfogle Charles W. Breyfogle(Updated 03-21-2013) Dr. Charles W. Breyfogle
John W. Breyfogle Mertle (Breyfogle) Shuster Robert J. Breyfogle
Growing up in Alta, Iowa Buelah Bell (Lock) Bevins Berkinshaw Family Tree
Mary B (Reynolds) Breyfogle    

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