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Our trip to Sunset, Utah and Sausalito, California - 2012

Return Trip to Sunset, UT

Seventh Day

All good trips do come to an end, and we departed from the Sausalito area this morning. Brian brought Gary to our motel in Novato and we left about 7:15 AM. We decided to make Elko, NV our evening stop so had an 8-hour drive ahead of us. It was very foggy when we left but we soon drove out of it and the picture below represents what most of our drive looked like once we crossed Donner Pass.

Scenery along I-80 in Nevada

The web site for the motel we selected mentioned that it was near Lamoille Canyon and prior to leaving our motel this morning we decided to try to see what this canyon was all about. This is one of those places that can only be enjoyed when viewed in person. As we left Elko the mountains all looked like those we had seen all day, but as we drove south of the interstate it soon changed to rugged stone mountains covered with pine, cedar, and aspen's.

Lamoille Canyon

The canyon drive is about 12-miles long from end to end and is a dead-end road. This means you get a view of the scenery from both directions by the time the drive is completed.

Lamoille Canyon

All the roads are hard surfaced with plenty of turn-outs for pictures. The aspens were at the height of their fall color change. It was late in the afternoon so most of the mountain sides were heavily shaded, this made the colors pop out even more. The picture below is of the stream that runs through the canyon as we entered the Powerhouse Picnic Area. From 1911 until 1971 this was near the site of a hydroelectric power plant. The plant burned in 1971 and was not replaced.

Stream through Lamoille Canyon

If you are ever in the Elko area this canyon drive is a great way to spend time. There are picnic areas, trails, and a ton of quiet beauty.

Fall colors in Lamoille Canyon

When we left the canyon we drove a few miles to the town of Lamoille and found this Presbyterian Church. A visitor's guide said this is the most photographed rural church in America, how could we NOT take the picture? Tomorrow we will continue to Sunsett and spend the night in Ogden.

The Little Church of the Crossroads Lamoille, NV


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