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Our trip to Sunset, Utah and Sausalito, California - 2012

Sightseeing around Sausalito, California

Fifth Day

Our day began with breakfast at our motel, The Novato Oaks - Best Western before Brian and Gary picked us up for a day of sightseeing. We are very impressed with this motel, it is not a new motel but is well maintained with a great staff and seems more like a resort than just a motel.

Novato Oaks Motel

Our first stop on today's list of places to visit was of all things, an apartment complex. This apartment complex was known as Pacifica Apartments back in 1969 and 1970. Sandy and I lived in the unit on the bottom floor on the back side of the building. The one bedroom apartment was the nicest place we had ever rented, unfortunately the rent was $160 a month and my Air Force pay was $150. Sandy went to work at a local department store known as the TG&Y. We were surprised to find the mobile home park was still next door. So 43-years has passed and the place still looks nice, it is painted a buff color instead of the pale blue when we lived here.

Pacifica Apartments, Novato, CA

The next stop was the Marin French Cheese factory south of Petaluma (C on the map above). The pond outside of the factory was full of Canada Geese making walking on the lush green grass a bit of a challenge. We tasted several varieties of cheese and purchased several cheeses.

Pond at Cheese Factory

As we left the cheese factory we drove by the Nicasio Reservoir and stopped to snap a picture. The water was very calm providing a nice reflection of the hills surrounding the reservoir.

Nicasio Reservoir

We then went to Point Reyes Station (D on the map above) and snooped around the farmers market that was underway. The Old Wester Hotel and Saloon caught our attention as it is a very old wood frame structure that is in remarkable condition.

The Old Western Hotel Point Reyes Station, CA

We could hear a strange melody coming from the farmers market and discovered it to be this gentleman playing what is known as the Hang Drum or just Hang. This is a Swedish instrument invented in the year 2000 and is pronounced as if it were spelled Hong. He showed us the underside of the instrument and it is a smooth dish shaped piece of steel with a hole in the bottom. The sound is unlike any other steel drum we have heard, almost a gong style of music.

Hang Drum player at Point Reyes Station, CA

We stopped at Olema (D on the map above) for lunch at the Farm House Restaurant and then retraced our route back north to Nick's Cove on Tomales Bay for refreshments and time to enjoy the view of Tomales Bay from the Boat House at the end of the pier.

Nick's Cove Tomales Bay

The Boat House was full of fishing equipment and was heated with a wood stove taking a bit of the chill off. It was a great place for a drink and conversation.

Wine Glass at Nick's Cove

We then drove to Harvest Moon Winery to enjoy some wine tasting. And with any wine tasting comes the opportunity to purchase a couple bottles of wine to take home. There wasn't much for pictures so we took a picture of their old car and sign beside the tasting room. Following this we drove back to Novato to pick up the car and drive to Brian's for dinner.

Harvest Moon Winery

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