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Our trip to Sunset, Utah and Sausalito, California - 2012

Winnemucca to Sausalito, California

Fourth Day

We left Winnemucca in the middle of light rain, what sort of irony that seems to us as we have not had rain since early June in Iowa and we drive to a desert to see a rain storm and this beautiful rainbow. This site, to our north, followed us for nearly a half hour. This was a full rainbow with the vivid arch of color touching the ground at both ends. The second arch was much fainter. The rain was not heavy but it really brought out the colors in the desert vegetation.

Rainbow in the desert

Our route took us over Donner Pass and the low hanging clouds provided a different view of this rugged mountatin pass. We stopped at the Donner Pass rest area where there is a lake but the low hanging clouds obscured the lake so we did not stay to take pictures. The temperature was 42-degrees.

Clouds in Donner Pass

We stopped in Novato to check into our motel and then drove another 15-minutes to Brian's new house in Sausalito. This is a condo unit that overlooks Richardson Bay and like most of the terrian in this area the hillside presents challanges for parking. Brian moved here in early September and has settled in very nicely.

Brian's new home

Following some conversation and a light lunch we drove to downtown Sausalito and walked around a bit. The bay provided a wide open view of the San Francisco Bay Bridge and the city. The island to the left is Alcatraz. The entire bay area has had light rain and heavy clouds for a few days as you can see in the pictures, but the weather did not prevent us from enjoying the sights of this historic downtown area.

Richardson's Bay

We very impressed with the historic buildings and the beautiful park like setting near the bay.

Downtown Sausalito, CA

We walked along a pier to look at the yachts moored there. Brian, Sandy, and Gary are standing in front of the yacht Brian wants, well the one he thought would make a nice place to live before he found his current condo unit.

Brian, Sandy, and Gary at marina

This was a wonderful afternoon to have the entire family back together. We had a chance for great conversation and an up close look at Sausalito. Sandy and I lived in Novato for about 9-months back in 1969 but were so broke we didn't have a chance to visit the sights of the bay area.

Gary, Dan, and Brian at Richardson Bay

Following our visit to the downtown area we drove back to Brian's for a great meal and conversation. We feel truly blessed to have this time together!

Yacht at Richardson Bay

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