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Our trip to Sunset, Utah and Sausalito, California - 2012

Sunset to Winnemucca,Nevada

third Day Day

This is another travel day but we had a couple hours to wait for Gary to get off work. So we went for a short drive in Ogden and drove on 21st Street until we reached a locked gate at the base of Mount Ogden. It took a couple attempts for us to find a trail suitable for street shoes to get to a higher elevation. We were pleased to find some great fall color and a nice overlook of the city of Ogden and the other cities in the area.

Mount Ogden, Ogden, Utah

We left Sunset about 11:30 AM and had a comfortable drive across Nevada. We had mountains on either side of us for most of the drive and watched as rain clouds moved across the mountains and in some cases showed signs of rain at the upper elevations. We checked into the Townhouse Motel in Winnemucca before going out to dinner. We noticed the dog sitting by the front door of the motel residence and just had to take his picture.

Motel watch dog, Winnemucca, Nevada

We had dinner at "The Pig" and were impressed with the food and service. It was a great way to end the long day of travel. Tomorrow morning we make the final drive to Sausalitto, we can hardly wait!

Dinner at The Pig, Winnemucca, Nevada


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