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Our Big Trip Across the Western US - September 2015

Travel Map

Travel today was very short. We left Missoula and a little over an hour later we were standing in front of Gary’s cabin. The weather was beautiful, partly cloudy and 58 degrees and we saw a lot of fall color in the trees along the interstate. We got off the interstate at Drummond to take Montana Highway 1 to Philipsburg. We made one stop at a turn out to take a picture of the Southern Flint Creek Valley. A sign informed us that this area has had human habitants for 10,000 years.

Today was all about being lazy, as Gary said, “You are on Mountain Cabin Time (MCT)” and we took him up on it. After looking the property over we had a nice light lunch and then we went back down to Philipsburg to get checked into our motel, The Inn at Philipsburg. We have stayed here before and always enjoy our stay. We stopped downtown to walk the main street and noticed several new stores. The Broadway Hotel is not new but is so picturesque that it deserved another picture.

No visit to Philipsburg would be complete without a stop at The Sweet Palace, a local candy store with way too many choices. We had a problem trying to restrict our choices but managed to leave with milk chocolate covered cashews, pecans, and almonds. And of course Jelly Belly’s for the return trip home.

The décor in this shop is amazing and Dan was busy with the camera while Sandy hunted for the candy we came after. Tomorrow we plan a picnic lunch on Flint Creek followed by a brew on the sidewalk in Philipsburg from the local microbrewery. Again, Mountain Cabin Time comes to play!


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