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If you have been to my history page you read that I constructed a 7-inch TV as part of a correspondence course I studied in the late 50's. The set is very basic in design; the tuner allows a selection of 12 channels only. At the time I assembled it reception was not good in Estherville. Minneapolis and Ames were the only stations on the air in this area. This set does work on the cable since that signal is strong enough.

Sprayberry Kit TV

Early 1950's

The picture tube on this set has an interesting aspect for those with knowledge of the sweep of the modern TV's. (Click here for a view of the chassis) The cathode ray tube is scanned by electrostatic plates inside the tube rather than by a yoke coil on the outside neck of the tube. The channel knob is on the right side of the front and only 12 channels were available.

Perhaps the reason that I hold onto this set is that it helped prepare me to service televisions, which became a large part of my business. We did not have a TV at home at the time so this was an opportunity to dig into a set without experimenting on one owned by a customer. Servicing electronic equipment has undergone constant change and has been a never-ending study to stay current.

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