Restoration Page

Why is it that as we age we get more interested in the things of our youth? My interest in restoring old communication equipment is a relatively new interest. I have always enjoyed the challenge of getting electronic equipment working, but now I just love tearing into an old chassis and breathing a little new life into an old set.

Along the way I have met some challenges, like broken dial glass that there is no replacement for, cabinet finishes that need work, and the assorted missing knobs and hardware that is impossible to replace. But there is a satisfaction in meeting these challenges and finding solutions.

Over time I will publish several pages that will show some of this work.


Zenith R-057

Philco Console 40-195X

Philco Console 41-280X

Philco Transitone 48-214

Zenith Model 8S-154

Zenith, RCA Radiola, RCA 99K

Crosley, Motorola, and Kent table model radios

My first radio and other home built broadcast receivers

Montgomery Ward Airline


A little history


Sprayberry Kit

Communication Radios

Home built rigs

Halicrafters and Hammarland

Other Equipment

RCA 45 rpm record player


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