Philco Console

Model 40-195X

Philco Decal

This Philco console radio found its way to my shop through my son Dan and his work at a hardware store in Clear Lake, IA. One of his customers was moving things as part of an estate closing. The owner of the radio and Dan struck up a conversation about restoration and the owner and Dan worked out a way for Dan to bring the radio over to Estherville to my shop.

Philco 40-195X Console Radio

I have worked on a similiar Philco in the past, although this chassis was different in the mechanical function of the buttons and the circuitry was a bit different. The cabinet itself was worn and in bad need of cleaning and I did use some furniture restorer on it as the owner did not want the cabinet restored.

Replacement Dial Glass

Other than the work needed on the chassis the one glaring problem with this radio was the dial glass. This 1939 vintage radio has a dial glass with markings printed on the inside of the glass. The glass was intact but the painted numbers and lines on the glass were flaking off and without a replacement this radio would never look like it should. I was able to find a replacement at Radio Daze. The glass was a perfect reproduction of the original and the price was very reasonable considering the quality. I also purchased replacement buttons as the originals were nearly disintegrated and Dan painted the bezel with a hammered gold paint to make the front of this radio look nearly new.

Under side of chassis

As with most restorations I had to replace all the capicitors and some of the resistors that had lost their value. There was a lot of wire to replace as well. This unit had been repaired and a few circuitry changes were made but I was able to get all of it back to the way it was orginally with no problem.

Mechanical button linkeage

I spent a lot of time working on the button linkeage to free them up from years of gunk and then get the buttons tuned to stations that the customer provided. This radio was headed to the Minneapolis area so the stations were out of range here but I was able to use my signal generator to set them properly. Dan came over to finish the assembly with the painted bezel and we struggled to get the buttons lined up properly with the bezel so that they worked properly. It too a bit of adjustment and a small file to clean out the button holes. Dan had printed out the button legends so the radio left here looking pretty sharp. It was another good project.