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Like any parent I like to brag on my kids. Well let's not call it bragging I'm just very proud of them and what they have accomplished. Here's the run down on each one.

David is the oldest and lives in Whichita, Kansas. After several years in the Navy he settled in Fredricksburg, VA to run a photo shop, but a change in the corporate structure of this business forced him to pull up stakes and move West to Wichita, Kansas. David's daughter, Kirsten is a schoolteacher in California and we communicate via e-mail from time to time.

Dan is my second son and he and his wife Sandy live in Mason City, IA. Dan is a Manager for two locations of Crescent Electric Supply. You can visit his home through the link on the left to get an idea of what they do in their spare time. They have twin sons, Brian and Gary. Brian lives in Minneapolis, MN and is a computer software technician. Gary is a warehouse supervisor for Target Stores in Buckley, WA.

Douglas is my third son and lives in Fort Dodge, IA. He is a self employed printing salesman in Fort Dodge. He enjoys bike riding, running, and is the artist in the family. Doug has designed many posters and other commercial art projects. He does a lot of this on his Mac, we do forgive him for not choosing the PC. Doug's daughter, Mindy, lives near Estherville with her husband Jeff and sons Jerrad and Jace. Doug's son, Chris, lives in Ankeny, IA with his mother.

Dale is my fourth son. He lives in Fort Collins, CO and works as a CAD draftsman. Dale also enjoys bicycling and running and spends a great deal of time cross-country skiing in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Like his brother Doug, he has a Mac computer at home but is very well versed with the PC and writes Visual Basic programs for Excel.

All my sons have internet access which makes a great way to keep in touch.

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