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There is an interesting history to this set. When my son Dan was about 10 or 12 he talked me into bringing this set home from the shop as "his" TV. The set worked but was in pretty tough shape. This TV sat in the basement until I started restoring old equipment. It somehow survived the torture 4 boys can inflict on a piece of electronic equipment, and yet remained in fairly decent shape.

Admiral TV Model 20X122


This, 10 inch round tube, black and white TV, has 18 tubes plus the picture tube. (If you'd like a list send me e-mail) Because it spent so much time in the basement and suffered the experimentation of my sons, it required lots of clean up work. I also replaced many of the capacitors.

The thing that is not common on today’s TVs is that the front has several controls which included focus, vertical hold, horizontal hold, and also contrast and brightness. There was, of course, the volume and on/off rotary switch and channel/fine tuning control.

It does perform reasonably well if the cable is the source of the signal. Like all sets of this vintage it does require frequent adjustments as it warms up and fine tuning when changing channels. The brightness is not a blinding light, they never did have as much as the present day set.

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