Merle Edward and Emma Christine (Sins) BreyfogleAncestral Photo Album

Over time we have collected a number of pictures of our ancestors and their families. We are providing this on-line photo album in an effort to share these wonderful assets with all our visitors. If the photograph appears in this album you are free to download and save it for your personal use.

We want to thank all the contributors that have sent us photographs for this project and for identifying the individuals in the picture. Identification is the key to the photographs and once lost the photograph loses its value. If you have photographs you would like to contribute contact us and we will work out a plan to get them into this album.

NOTICE: Every photograph displayed in this album is either in the public domain or we must have permission from the person owning the copyright to the work. We do not accept contributions of work produced by professional photographers without their direct permission. Snap shots that are submitted by family members are less of a problem since we assume you are giving permission to use them.

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